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Social Stories

Great Collection of Social Stories Site - CLICK HERE to visit Kansas ASD and then click on Social Narratives

Powerpoint Files

Action Figures

Arriving at School

Bathroom Use

Being Polite in Class

Breakfast at School


I am Mad

Inside Recess

No More Kicking

Outdoor Recess

Passing Gas

Quiet Mouth

Sharing Toys

Social Script Template

Substitute Teacher

Things I Do at School

Adobe PDF Files

Asking Questions

Bathroom Book

Bathroom Book Cutouts

Going to school

Going to the Playground

Good Words

I need help

In the bathroom


Leave the Classroom

Lunch book

My cleanup book

My Day at School

My Hello Book

My Potty Book

Our playground book

Raising Hand


Snack Time Talk

Talking to my friends

Talking to my teacher

Time to Go Home

Walking in the Hall